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Kate Lane is a writer, director, producer and editor of independent film.
Kate began writing, directing, producing and editing short films from the age of 14 winning a multitude of awards at festivals around the globe. 

In 2014 Kate set up her own production company KL Dream Pictures to make feature films starring women. 
"Fear of Water" was her debut feature film. Feeling that filmmaking was a personnel journey, she wanted to start from the heart, hence 'Fear Of Water' is inspired by her own story. 
Fear of Water has been screened at over 9 international film festivals winning numerous awards and securing world wide distribution. The film has been shown in select cinemas, on cable TV and currently across various major streaming platforms such as Amazon. 

Kate is currently in pre-production for her second feature film.


Kate Lane

"It is rare to see one that speaks so much from the heart"

Cinema Vault 2014


"Your passion and commitment is very inspiring and rare. It will move mountains"

Sara Stewart 2013 

"A charm of its own with utter sensitivity" Le Pact

"Heatfelt Performances" Total Film 

"Sexually Awakening - Outstanding!" Film News


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