Fear of Water Limited Edition DVD

I have just posted the first mass order of the Limited Edition DVD of Fear of Water. Time wise it probably wasnt too wise to do this so close to Christmas but it just so happened to be the earliest date it all came together. I put a big friendly smile on my face awaiting the enevitable.. the post office staff gasping in horror at the amount of packages they needed to sort through. I tried to be nice by visiting a few different post offices and at least spreading the work load! I even arranged the packages by country. Of course this meant that I was then carrying even more boxes so much so that I could hardly see over the top as I stumbled up to the counters.. and yes I am shorter than most people being a grand old height of 5ft1.

I will now be posting the DVD's on a weekly basis and keeping my fingers crossed in anticipation of the feedback that will come. No doubt it wont all be positive but after directing,producing and editing an extremely low budget feature film and having to overcome an insane amount of obstacles and challenges... I have begun to grow a very strong armour around me!

So despite the posting over Christmas nightmare it meant I could get my anual dog under the xmas tree shot. And this year it was super special. For one its my first christmas tree that I actaully own in my new flat and two it was the first shot of the Fear of Water DVD :)

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